Frequently Asked Questions about Printers

I am getting poor quality printouts. What could be wrong?

FIRST-Change the toner cartridge and print several pages. If the problem persists, most likely a service problem with the printer. If the problem goes away, it was a problem with the toner cartridge.

My printer says "LOW TONER" and I just put a new toner cartridge in – What should I do?

It may sound silly, but have you ever put a "new" cartridge in the machine and the low toner light goes on. You may have mistakenly put an empty cartridge in the machine. We can provide customers with ‘FULL’ AND ‘EMPTY’ Stickers to help identify empty from full cartridges.

Also, you can remove the toner cartridge and inspect for a seal that needs to be pulled prior to operation. Sometimes the seal has not been pulled and the toner is not detected in the printer.

Horizontal white line?

Possibly a cartridge issue, if you have another cartridge try it before you do anything else. If the problem goes away you are a hero! If it doesn’t then give us a call! 561-792-9600

Small black dots?

Small black dots on the page can be due to a nick in the drum or PCR roller. Foreign objects in the printer or paper dust can scratch the drum. There is no fix for this as the drum is ruined. You need to change the cartridge.

Thin black lines?

Thin black lines can be caused by a couple of different things. Most common is the toner cartridge, next could be your printer’s fusing assembly. Check the image drum on your cartridge, inspect carefully to see if there are any scratches on it, or you could just replace the cartridge if you have a backup. If the problem goes away after replacing the cartridge then the cartridge was your problem. If not and the same lines continue to appear, then you will need service and you know who to call right?

The Color of Print is light?

Check your density setting. If your paper seems to be ‘grey’ or have a grey background, replace your toner cartridge. If you have nice white paper but still light print and the density setting hasn’t changed, then you probably need an optical cleaning.

Scratches on your print?

If you’re printing on glossy paper, prints may be scratched if not handled properly. Don’t place objects on top of your prints, and be careful not to scratch them with your fingernails.

For best results, frame your prints under glass.
Most common problem with poor print and ‘scratches’ is defects within the toner cartridge. Laser Technologies provides a One Hundred Percent Liability and Satisfaction Warrantee on all carts!

Your printout is blurry or smeared

  • Make sure your paper isn’t damp or curled, or loaded face down.
  • Replace the cartridge or image drum.
  • Run a Calibration or Align the printer.

And as always we are here to help!

Thank you for choosing laser technologies.

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