Our Warranty

Our Three Tier Warranty100% of the Quality @ 75% of the Price!

  • 1Cartridges

    All of our cartridges are warranted to last as long and print as well as a new one, if for any reason you feel that our cartridge did not meet this criteria you (at YOUR option) may request one of the following:

    • A FULL refund, no if’s and’s or but’s.
    • A credit towards any future purchases.
    • Exchange the cartridge for another one.
  • 2100% Satisfaction

    YOUR 100% Satisfaction is always promised. If for ANY reason whatsoever you are not happy with what we have provided, you have the same three options as in tier 1.

  • 3Full Liability

    OUR cartridges carry FULL LIABILITY against any damages caused to printers.


What do we mean by that? Here it is simply

If any damage occurs to a machine as a DIRECT cause by using one of our cartridges, we will repair that machine at NO COST to the end user. If we are unable to repair the machine we will replace at no cost to you.

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