Our Seven Step Process100% of the Quality @ 75% of the Price!

  • 1Pre-Test:

    Cartridges are Pre-tested, checking for any defects or problems.

  • 2Disassembly:

    Complete disassembly to inspect for worn parts.

  • 3Cleaning:

    Cartridges and parts are thoroughly cleaned, worn components replaced.

  • 4Drum Replacement:

    A critical component in the performance of the cartridge. Unlike other recycled cartridges, many of our cartridges use drums only one time.

  • 5Seals:

    The Original Equipment Manufacturer uses a seal to prevent toner from leaking during shipment. Many of our cartridges do not use these seals as we hand deliver the majority of them to our customers. The result is you simply insert the cartridge into your printer and start printing! Some cartridges due to the nature of their reassembly must be sealed ( HP4L/5P/6P are a few).

  • 6Toners:

    We use High Graphics Toner for our remanufacturing process. We also add the maximum amount of toner available to insure long printing life.

  • 7Reassembly:

    Cartridges are then reassembled and post tested for performance. We print multiple pages to insure that the cartridge is working properly.

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Basic Principle of how a Cartridge works

This is the basic Principle of how a Cartridge works inside a Laser Printer. The Exposure Development Roller is what we refer to as the "Drum". Unlike "Rechargers" we actually replace many of the parts pictured above.


Primary Charge Rollers, Development Rollers, Drum Cleaning Blades and Doctor Blades are among the most common components replaced on a regular basis.

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