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About Laser Printer Technologies Intl. Inc.Dedicated to Helping Others

We believe in helping others, we actually enjoy it. There’s a special feeling you get when you’ve helped someone else and seen how much it means to them. That’s how Laser Technologies got started. In 1987 Mr. Stephen saw the outrageous prices the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) were charging for cartridges. Having just purchased a Copier Cartridge for the Canon PC 25 ( A whopping $125.00!) he couldn’t believe that he was supposed to just throw away (Yep, that’s right in those days . . . even now sometimes, Cartridges are thrown away) the empty and stick this hundred dollar plus gadget into the copier and forget about it. Something was wrong with that picture.

At that time Mr. Stephen was involved in the plastics industry. Plastic is a wonderful material. It can be recycled over and over many times with little compromise on the end product. One major drawback to plastic is that no one is really sure how long it would take to break down if it were buried in our landfills, some scientists estimate a THOUSAND years before plastics will completely break down after being put into our landfills. Having the mindset of trying to recycle plastic he attempted to recycle the empty cartridge. Too many contaminants were in the cartridge and nobody wanted to touch it. Intent on doing something positive with this thing, a brief investigation began.

The investigation revealed that a company in the Northern region of the U.S. had the “Powder” (what we now know as toner) for the empty cartridge, and it was a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Cost? The kit at that time was only about $45.00, less than half of a new cartridge. So a purchase was made, and subsequently the kit arrived. It consisted of a plug, and toner. The process? Simple, just drill the cartridge fill the toner and plug the hole. This would sometimes get about another cycle out of the cartridge after that it would still have to be discarded. Those were known as the “Drill, fill and plug” days.

This went on for a little over a year, and then an amazing thing started to happen. The people who were selling the kits were now selling components. Drums, wiper blades, magnetic rollers, developer sleeves, bushings and more. This was a great forward movement. With the ability to replace the different components, the number of cycles per cartridge went up, way up! Instead of only one, we were now looking at multiple cycles.

By the mid 90’s Mr. Stephen began to do more and more cartridges, friends and friends of friends were now asking about getting their cartridges filled. So many now that it was no longer just a part time thing, it had flourished into full time work.

So in 1995 Laser Technologies was formed. Dedicated to helping others by being able to supply a quality product for considerably less than the standard avenues of purchase.

Our Procedure now is much more detailed than then, and our reject rate is much less. In all the entire process has become somewhat of a “science” now and more information is available than ever before regarding our industry.

Some of the most common questions we get asked are below. Take a look at the questions, as you may be thinking about some of them right now.

Question: How do you do it?

Answer: See Our Procedure page and get a complete description of our process. Well simply what we do is get the empty cartridges (laser versions) disassemble them, replace worn parts, refill them and reassemble them. The InkJet versions are simply cleaned out and refilled.

Question: How can you do it for so much less than the manufacturers?

Answer: The manufacturers have already covered the major part of the expense. How? Well by taking cartridges that are EMPTY, most of the cost has already been covered. The housing and some of the interior parts (we know which ones by years of experience) get used again. The critical components are replaced and high graphics toner is used to fill the cartridge again. Because we purchase so much of the components we get them at a discount and this discount is passed directly on to you.

Question: Is your product inferior to the new cartridge just because it costs less?

Answer: NO! Just because it costs less has no bearing whatsoever on the quality. Remember that most of the cost has already been covered by collecting empty cartridges. All our Cartridges come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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